Friday, February 10, 2017

Favorite tv series

The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries is a show about two brothers who live in Mystic Falls and have been alive for about 200 years, traveling around the world as vampires.The show aired in 2008 and ended acutally last week. After years on the run they end up back in their home town of Mystic Falls. Upon their arrival they meet Elena Gilbert who reminds them of someone they knew in the 1900's named Catherine, so they follow Elena secretly because they think it's the love of their life Catherine. Stefan one of the brothers goes to school with Elena and starts dating her. Elena's parents and her get into a car accident of the bridge about two months before Elena meets Stefan and Elena is the only one that survives. She as pulled out of the car from the water by Stefan even though she has no memory of it because he erased her memory because he is a vampire. Elena was living with her aunt Jenna and brother Jeremy when her parents died. After a couple weeks of Elena dating Stefan she meets his not so nice brother Damon and soon finds out that both the brothers are vampires. Elena's best friends Caroline Forbes and Bonnie Bennett are by her side 24/7. Bonnie is a very very powerful which. 

In season 2 Bonnie realizes how strong and powerful she is and Stefan and Elena become more and more serious. Catherine a 200 year old vampire makes an appearance and kills Elena's aunt Jenna. Damon bit Elena's friend Caroline and she was killed by Catherine with Damon's blood in her system which makes her a vampire. While coping with the new life as a vampire Caroline learns to erg her cravings. Elena's brother has been going through a rough time since his parents death and  has taken up drugs with his girlfriend Vicki.

 In season 3 Klaus and his family arrived. They are the orignial vampires and they are not nice. They can only be killed one way and that's by the white oak steak. Stefan leaves town and Elena gets a little to close with his brother Damon. Jeremy is still suffering from depression and is starting to skip class. The rest your going to have to watch it to find out.:)  

Here I have put all the season trailers, starting with season 1.

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